Golf gloves are recommended in golf but are not reviewed as often as other gear pieces that golfers use. Most golfers will automatically wear a glove on their hand at the top of the grip and that Cabretta leather is the golden standard in golf glove production.

But there’s an incredible variety of gloves on the market, and it may be confusing when you look at each of the options: there is more to it than just finding the ideal size.

Let’s look at what you will need to know to make an informed buying decision for the ideal golf gloves for comfort & grip.

A glove should offer tackiness beyond what human skin can attain. Since a perfect grip pressure is “like you are holding a baby bird,” you might require a small amount of assistance to keep a slight grip pressure while still having significant control of the golf club.

The ideal glove ought to be flexible, comfortable, durable, and useful in several diverse conditions. Additionally, there are special gloves made for enjoying intense conditions like heavy rain or cold.

We’ve examined popular Cabretta leather gloves and gloves made from synthetic elements, multi-compound gloves with leather and synthetics together, rain gloves, winter gloves, and some gloves that are thinking outside the box.

This post will help you determine which glove will fit your game and the terms under which you perform.

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Assessment

Criteria 1: Comfort

A glove should be very comfortable. You should not notice its existence or need to regularly readjust it.

There should be no break-in time required: you should be able to open the package and have a terrific feeling glove from day one.

Criteria 2: Grip

A glove should enhance your grip on the golf club. If you wear your glove and the club suddenly seems more slippery, then it is a fairly bad glove!

The two main reasons to wear a glove would be to increase your grip and remove blisters, with the grip being the most important by a long shot.

Criteria 3: Durability

Gloves are relatively cheap, but you still need a glove that will last. If your glove is worn down and revealing holes after only a few rounds, then the cost of replacements can begin to add up.

Are budget-friendly gloves actually worth it? If a glove saves you a couple of bucks but lasts half as long, you are not really saving any money.

Criteria 4: Technology

Does the glove effectively utilize technology? Some glove manufacturers adhere to the tried and true all-leather structure, but others are about progressing the glove with space-age materials and other improvements designed to increase comfort and grip.

Do this work? Are they worth the purchase price? This criterion will rate how well the glove’s design influences its functionality.

Criteria 5: Fit

Sometimes we’ll find a bunch of Cadet Large gloves which just don’t fit right. As glove size is deemed universal across brands, the fit rating indicates how well they stick to these sizes.

If you don’t understand your size, go to a golf or sporting goods store and try some on! There’s an ideal size for everyone, whether it’s ML (Medium-Large) or a Cadet range.

Most gloves have the packaging, which lets you try the glove on before buying it. And ideally, every producer’s size will be compatible. An ill-fitting glove is an unnecessary diversion on the golf program.

9 Best Golf Gloves For Grip & Comfort

1. TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove



  • 4-way stretch nylon insert helps stretching the glove for a better fit
  • Excellent venting with loads of perforation along the top and palms of the hand
  • Contoured wrist supports grip glove that fits closely to the hand with maximum comfort.


  • Smaller fastener on the wrist
  • Slimmer fit, particularly great with smaller fingers, but not larger hands

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove provides you with a slim shape that molds to your hand while providing you great flexibility and breathability.

2. Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove


Callaway’s Dawn Patrol leather golf glove is a real classic: it’s 100 percent Cabretta leather construction is the sort of glove that got worldwide recognition.

It’s reminiscent of the timeless FootJoy Sta Sof leather glove but provides the same high functionality level at a far lower price tag.


  • Soft
  • Cozy
  • Elegant


  • Slippery when wet
  • Not as breathable as more modern cloths

3. Finger Ten Rain Grip Glove

The Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove is a synthetic mesh glove made to be used on wet or incredibly hot days as soon as your hands are most likely to become moist.


The net material they have created of wicks moisture from your hands and dries fast, so if you are prone to sweating a whole lot on hot days, these are worth a look.


  • Better-than-leather grip in damp conditions
  • Dries fast on hot, moist days


Slightly reduced feel

4. Callaway Opti-Color Leather Gloves


The Callaway OptiColor Glove is basically the Dawn Patrol glove reviewed previously, but available in numerous color choices.


  • Cozy and soft
  • Lots of different colors available


  • Somewhat more expensive than traditional equal

5. MG DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove


MG Golf Brings us their DynaGrip all-Cabretta leather glove at a price point unmatched for an all-leather glove.

Most gloves below $10 are made out of cheap synthetic materials that don’t provide much grip. The MG DynaGrip is all-leather and feels far better than the competitors in the under-$10 categories.


  • The price is reasonable
  • Soft Cabretta leather


  • Not quite durable
  • Lean leather and unusual stitching

6. Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove


The Bionic StableGrip golf glove is the funniest thing in this year’s review lineup.

It is definitely a product of outside-of-the-box believing. It has pads built into the fingers and palm of the glove to help disperse and decrease grip pressure.

The pads instantly feel awkward, but if you are somebody who struggles with excessively tight grip pressure, the Bionic StableGrip may be worth fighting beyond the first uncomfortable feeling.


  • Advanced design to help lessen grip pressure
  • Durable
  • Lycra between the palms promotes breathability.
  • Effective for arthritis sufferers


  • The unusual feel requires a while to get used to
  • Some believe it negatively impacts their game.

7. TaylorMade Stratus Golf Glove


Under Armour maintains its pattern of offering innovative ideas to the golf market with the CoolSwitch gloves.

There’s a layer on the inside of the glove designed to draw heat from the skin and cool the hand beneath, which is highly useful on a hot day with the sun beating down.


  • Glove actively cools your hands on a hot afternoon.
  • Highly sweat-wicking


  • Quality control needs improvement.
  • Not as soft as entirely leather gloves

8. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves – Pair


I would like to be clear: the FootJoy RainGrip gloves are mainly used in the rain or quite cold out. When it is dry, we would suggest going with a glove that has a leather grip.

The 97.2 overall rating especially applies only to the FootJoy RainGrip gloves in the conditions they are intended for: rainy day golf.

But boy, do they ever work! The FootJoy RainGrip gets better as they get wetter.


  • Incredible functionality in the rain
  • Comes as a set so neither hand will slide
  • better functionality the wetter they get
  • Great for cool weather play


  • Not for use when it is dry
  • Expensive

9. Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove


Finger Ten Knows that there is a market out there for junior golf accessories, and the artificial leather junior glove is here to fulfill a need.

It’s a well-made, durable glove that will last a good long time and will help prevent your child’s hand from hurting too much. And the grip it provides is excellent, which is essential.

You don’t want to grab a driver upside down the chin as your child had difficulty holding onto their club.


  • Multiple junior size options
  • Excellent in most weather conditions
  • Funky color choices
  • Comes in a 2-pack for greater value


Mediocre feel

Tips For Selecting The Best Golf Gloves To Improve Your Game

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    This is a solid list. We’d love for you to try our UpGlove. It’s a soft-cabretta glove that anyone can afford at less than $10/glove which includes shipping. We are a membership-based program but offer the ability to pause whenever you need to (i.e. winter months).

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    I have been using MG products for more than 15 years C4 balls gloves a d bag and have never had a problem with their products. I live in The Villages Fl and play 3 times a week, not bad for a 78 yr old guy,thanks MG


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