Mini-golf piloted in 1922 when Thomas McCullough Fairbairn, regarded as the creator of the contemporary miniature golf, designed artificial green carpets as well as artificial curves, bunkers, and water hazards.  This new idea resulted in a miniature golf boom in the 1920s.

In 1926, a couple of innovative professionals designed mini golf courses on the rooftop of a New York City skyscraper, and the new mini-golf trend took off on other structures shortly after – approximately 150 rooftops classes have been in operation by the completion of the decade in New York City alone, and tens of thousands all over the US.

During the Great Depression, many of the popular mini-golf courses ended up closing.  Now, the mini-golf trend is starting to return to its origins and reappear on rooftops.

Mini Golf Courses Are Evolving Offering Fun For All Ages

Changing times call for mini-golf trend changes all around. Why leave mini golf behind? Through time, golf courses have changed from set themes into nourishing sports hubs that attract all generations.

The greens of theme parks need to keep up with the developing times, providing family-friendly activity in advanced settings. Come with your group for a round or two of mini-golf and enjoy several attractions and tasty meals at one of the mini-golf locations near you.

Mini Golf Is Becoming Less Standard More Focus On Environment

Gone is the mini-golf trend of gimmicky and traditional putt-putt courses. No dull courses where you’re to putt the golf ball into a devil’s eye or a clown’s mouth.

Changing times have gone into a reboot of mini-golf, changing it into an active sport with multi-level hurdles. Themed props have made way for landscapes with trees, large rocks, waterfalls, flower beds, ponds, sand traps, and other natural elements.

Tricky holes, bendy turns, and unexpected bumps and rolls maintain your adrenaline pumping during the course’s period.

Over the years, many of them have won awards and found their way into the ‘best mini golf course’ lists. Beautiful, 18-hole courses emphasize wacky challenges that range from easy to difficult.

New mini-golf trends allow you to immerse yourself in an aquatic journey, jungle safari, treasure hunt, or rescue mission through castles, forts, and gardens. No matter what your skill level, find a lush, vibrant mini-golf course to:

  • Perfect your swing and learn your hole-in-one shots
  • Strategize and outwit tricky challenges
  • Bond with the family and share a few laughs
  • Spend quality time with your special someone on a mini-golf course
  • Unwind and treat yourself to plenty of fun after a stressful day at work
  • Celebrate a special event by battling for top scores with friends or coworkers

The Mini-Golf Trend Is Still Considered Great Entertainment

Trendy mini-golf courses bring in people of all ages and are the highlight of parties and events. Most theme parks and water parks have functioned as iconic venues for nonstop entertainment across multiple places in the U.S.

Many will have committed guest relations team offering comprehensive event catering and planning services for extensive collections.  Kitschy putt-putt courses are nice for the course in touristy destinations.

However, some cities reinventing the mini-golf trend of the traditional outdoor game, providing putt-putt courses as an ideal makeover or threading in social history.

Well-designed mini-golf courses are deserving of a vacation visit this summer. No tee times needed.

Listing Of Minature Golf Courses Around The Country

(not in any particular order)

1. Punch Bowl Social Stapleton, Denver

Your first order of business: Get a punch (we suggest the Watermelon Polo Bowl, made with reposado tequila, watermelon shrub, and homemade strawberry syrup). Drink holders are placed in all 18 holes in the Putt Club, which surfaced in June in Punch Bowl Social Stapleton.

The air-themed mini-course is on the terrace below the Stapleton airport air traffic control tower. Mini airplane symbols scrap on the floor and will head putters from one hole to another. The 18th hole grand finale is a Skee-Ball’s putt-putt edition, uniting two quintessential sports. After each round of golf, stay around on the court for a game of corn hole or head inside to bowl or play arcade games.

2. The Roof in Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia

A carnival vibe, but also make it chic. That’s the vibe at the Roof in Ponce City at Atlanta, where you’ll discover the Skyline Park Mini-Golf Course. The patio 18-hole putt-putt program is even better with picturesque views of downtown Atlanta. Turn out the fun with entertainment park-style games and libations.

3. The 19th Hole in Hotel Deluxe at Portland, Oregon

A pop mini-golf course coincides with a craft beer field over Portland, Oregon’s Hotel deLuxe. Visitors at the 19th Hole will get a colorful garden, plenty of umbrellas, and a menu possessing 75 craft beers and Oregon wines.

4. Rosslyn Putt-Putt in Arlington, Virginia

All the nine holes at Rosslyn Putt-Putt are locally stimulated, with popular landmarks, such as Key Bridge, Dark Star Park, and Potomac Tower, all getting a nod. Bounded are carnival games and a classical candy bar for children (and anybody else with a sweet tooth) and wine, craft beer, and sangria for adults.

5. Can Can Wonderland in Saint Paul

Image: Can Can Wonderland

Can Can Wonderland is a whimsical wonderland, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was built within an ancient tin can factory. Over 200 artists submitted proposals for hole ideas.

The course starts with a State Fair-theme hole and completes with a purple 18th hole that’s, of course, a tribute to Prince. In between, be on the watch for a hot pink wooly mammoth. More on-site are arcade sports which date as far back as the 1920s.

6. Country Club inside First Tennessee Par, Nashville, Tennessee

Proceed to a Nashville Sounds game and, at First Tennessee Park, and you’ll feel as if you’re in the cookout in the city. So, the Band Box is a 4,000-square-foot park, restaurant, and bar located in the perfect field of the ballpark.

Sip on Coke slushie and a whiskey, order a hot dog and enjoy outdoor games such as corn hole, ping pong, giant Jenga, and shuffleboard. For the reason that, your entire warm-up a for the Country Club, a putt-putt course where every hole created by local artists. You’d definitely, expect a guitar-themed hole in Music City, right?

7. Conservation Course in West Palm Beach, Florida

Putt-putt surrounding with palm trees, this 18-hole mini-golf course was created by pro golfer Gary Nicklaus, the son of legend Jack Nicklaus and golf course architect Jim Fazio. So, the Conservation Course is found at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium.

Here you can see how the environment plays a part in the mini-golf experience. It is an enjoyable way to learn about the natural habitats of Florida. Hence, each hole is known for plants or animals indigenous to South Florida, and the green landscape carries a butterfly garden.

The Mini-Golf Trend Across America Is New And More Fun

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