Latest Trends In Mini Golf Industry

Mini golf is an industry where businesses cannot afford to grow stale. There are so many new trends and cool new hangouts appearing that established courses need some new tricks to complete. Golf courses across America have been looking into simple adaptations to their greens and layouts to diversify the gameplay.

Adapting The Standard Green To Bring In New Players.


Mini Golf Industry New Designs

A standard 18 hole game is ideal for keen players that appreciate a full afternoon’s play and the challenge of the course. However, this approach of play is not for everyone, and there are some interesting adaptations taking place.

The most obvious option for many golf club is to provide shorter courses. Younger, novice players and corporate groups may not have the time, patience or skill for an 18 hole course. A 9 hole route shortens the period, and many have restricted the holes to Par 3.

In addition to this, some golf clubs have decided to look for novelty ideas to bring in the group bookings and make the club more appealing. Some have brought in footgolf courses, which essentially blend golf and football with bigger balls and holes.

Others have brought in Segways with individual caddies to transport players around the course. Whether or not this is more convenient will depend on the course and the rider.

These Latest Trends May Not Have A Big Place In The Miniature Golf World, But Some Of The Technological Advancements Might.


Mini Golf Industry Advance Changes

Golf can be seen as an old-fashioned game. Some players prefer it that way, but others wouldn’t mind some modern touches thrown in to enhance the experience. Modern tech and digital apps can take mini golf and regular golf into some exciting directions.

One company has come up with a way of adding a shot tracker to balls to eliminate the need for scorecards. Another has created the Digital Hole In One, which videotapes the hole and allow players to bet on the prospect of a hole in one.

New forms of lighting have also taken over a golf course and miniature golf establishments in recent years. Glow-in-the-dark golf (or night golf) is a great example. This simple concept involves glowing markers, holes, and balls. Some ball has a LED light while other react to UV-light.

The simplicity of the set-up means that it can be used on a grand scale on a regular golf course or scaled down for mini golf. Some miniature golf courses simply rely on the use of black lights, UV and weird neon obstacles to create a disorientating and unique set-up.

This UV Option Leads To The Final Of These Latest Trends In Modern Golf – Taking The Fun Indoors.

 Indoors By Mini Golf Industry

The typical miniature golf course is usually locates on outside, either in a park or by a beach, but it doesn’t have to be. Any space can be converted into a course with the right design and skill, even an indoor one.

There are lots of indoor courses popping up across the country. Some are using the technological elements above to full advantage. Others are taking a step further with strange themes and interactive designs.  If you can build a mini golf course in the heart of a man-made volcano. Then you can build one pretty much anywhere.

The Latest Trends In The World Of Mini Golf
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