Essential Golf Gear For Your Grown-Up Golf Game

Golf is a game that needs a number of kits to play the game and negotiate the golf course successfully.Amateurs will start out with the basics in the categories below while keen players will be looking for a high-end model that gives them an edge. The following mini golf gear reviews provide an introduction to the different types of equipment and models on the market.

Golf clubs:

Mini Golf Gear Clubs

The first thing that most golfers will be looking for when getting ready for the golf course is a good set of clubs. This means everything from drivers and putters to secure irons and modern hybrids.

The Cleveland TFI 2135 1.0 driver is a great value option for those that want a light model with a great shape. It is made from well-engineered aluminum and has apparently enhanced the game for some players. The Odyessy Toe Up Putter is an attractive option for those final shots because it too has an unusual shape. This stable, balanced option changes the way players position themselves for the shot, with some great results.

Golf balls:

Mini Golf Gear Balls

Many amateur players will look at a golf ball and say they are all alike, but a keen player knows better. It is worth looking at golf gear reviews to determine the performance of a ball and pros and cons of different products.

The Nike RZN Red Golf Balls are a striking shot from a real name, but they may not suit all users. Some feel that they can be a little firm in places and don’t offer the control on the green that they would like. Others appreciate the secure, stable flight when struck with the driver. The Mizuno MP-X Golf Ball, meanwhile, is another ball that claims to offer speed and stability in flight. This “premium” model has a four-piece construction and is said to be best suited to players with a powerful drive.

Golf bags:

Mini Golf Gear Bags

Once golfers have all their clubs in order, the next item on the agenda has to be a bag to put them in. There are different styles of bags to choose from. A simple stand bag can be an excellent means of keeping everything together, or you may decide to go for a travel bag.

The Cobra Bio Stand Bag is an attractive option because it is light (just 2.2kg), simple but still pretty spacious. It is easy to pack up everything that is required because there is a series of small pockets, external areas and dividers. These solutions, plus the molded 8-way top, ensure that everything is accessible as required. Cobra also has an attractive travel option to consider in the Cobra Travel Carry Bag. This wheeled bag is a simple, portable solution that protects equipment when traveling to a golf course across the country. It offers a padded cover and inline skate wheels.

Golf trolleys:

Mini Golf Gear Trolly

Once players have a strong, spacious bag to hold everything in, they need a strong, reliable trolley to wheel it around the golf course. There are different options to take here when searching for golf gear reviews. Some go cheap, simple and user-friendly while others look for high-end options with extra features.

The Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley is an example of the former. It is cheap and does little other than fold out and provide a frame for transportation. This model stands out because of the quality and reliability of that folding mechanism. It also seems to be pretty high despite its looks. The Stewart Golf F1-S Remote trolley is on the other end of the scale. Not only does it have a folding chassis, but it also has a remote control and a specially-designed bag. Players also appreciate the fact there are different options for customization.


Mini Golf Gear Clothing


Golfers need more than a good set of equipment to improve their performance on the golf course. The right outfit can also make a big difference when securing a birdie in tricky conditions. A well-made shirt is vital in the summer heat and a waterproof jacket is essential in the wetter months.

The PING Enigma Polo Shirt is a great example of summer golf attire. This short sleeved option comes in a series of designs and sizes (right up to XXL) and is made from moisture-controlling polyester. This quick drying shirt is ideal for staying cools and sweat free on hot days. A waterproof jacket is essential on those wetter days where a quick round is still a necessity. The Nike HyperAdapt Waterproof Jacket is light and well ventilated, but also focus on waterproof materials and zippered pockets. A bonus is the use of stretchy material for greater freedom of movement.

Golf shoes:

Mini Golf Gear Shoes

Golfers cannot forget about their footwear when deciding on the best possible outfit for the game. There are lots of different styles that enhance performance and offer ongoing comfort. Some are traditional but many modern brands have gone for a slightly different look.

The Adidas Superstar Golf Shoes essentially look like a cross between a sports training shoe and golf shoes. This leads to strong padding and support, good spikes and a more casual feel. Players appreciate the quality of the leather and the amount of grip on the green. The Crocs Drayden 2.0 Golf Shoes are more of a summary option. Again, the look is not traditional, but it does provide a light, ventilated shoe with a stylish look and excellent cushioning.


Finally, in these golf gear reviews, all golfers need some great gadgets to round off the equipment list and made an impact on the golf course. A good pair of gloves can make a massive difference and players shouldn’t forget about GPS tech.

The Ping Sensor gloves are perfect for anyone happy to spend a little more money on performance enhancing design. These gloves have a sensor in the wrist that helps to remove moisture and are made from durable leather. They also offer a tailored, snug fit that is never distracting. These gloves are great when trying to use devices like the glove-friendly Garmin Approach G8 GPS. This impressive, high-end model from the well-known range offer accurate golf course information on a high screen and clips onto your golf bag. It may be pricey, but it is small, attractive and still easy to operate.

Golf Equipment Reviews From Unusual Putters And Shoes To Basic Shirts And Trolleys
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