Community Involvement For Changes In Mini Golf Course Design

Governors Island New York has been an important destination for mini-golfing families for some years now. Many mini golf courses in the country find a theme, stick with it and continue to build their reputation.

Some of these classic parks have a sense of nostalgic charm because they retain their features and can be replayed year on year. The Park at Governor’s Island took an entirely different approach by teaming up with FIGMENT for their FIGMENT NYC summer projects.

FIGMENT Have Essentially Changed The Rule Book For Mini Golf Courses And Their Designs.

Golf Clubs Of New York Community Involvement

FIGMENT began life in 2007, which means that next summer’s mini golf will mark their ten year anniversary. At first, they started small. The company ran simple one-day community events with displays and interactive art and essentially worked within their means. The growth of the initiative over the last decade has been substantial. The projects have expanded in scale and duration as more donations come in, and more volunteers lend a hand.

Each year, the organization reaches out to the local community of artists to design and build a series of new mini golf holes for kids to enjoy. Kids can spend one summer learning how to conquer the holes and admiring the sculptures and themes. Over the winter, they have the anticipation of finding out what the next theme will be.

Kids can grow up with this park in an entirely different way than their parents. An ever-evolving park may not have the same sense of attachment as a thirty-year-old park that’s had the same fiendish dinosaur obstacle its entire run. However, kids know that they can enjoy something new and fun each time they return.

The remarkable thing about FIGMENT is that they are 100% volunteer led. This a project for the community, by the community, and the results are impressive. The organization reaches out to artists and volunteers to design courses for their new theme, build them in the park and provide access for free.

Even the staff supervising the holes and handing out the putters are there voluntarily. There are no costs or fees to artists, no sponsors damaging the vision of the park and no money changing hands at all. All the park is there for is to provide entertainment for families in the summer and to showcase artistic ideas.

Last year’s project contained a wheelchair user accessible hole that was built with the help of children at Pine Street and Battery Park Montessori schools.

FIGMENT Are All About Interactive Mini Golf Courses With Great Themes.

Golf Courses Community Involvement

The mini golf course at Governors Island – as well as their treehouse – continues to bring in families from the city that want something new to explore. Interaction is an essential part of the FIGMENT vision, which is why they are so well suites to these mini golf installations.

These sculptures and artistic expressions on the year’s themes – from insect life to transportation – are creates to be plays with. Not all art belongs in an exhibition. There is no better way for kids to engage with it than to touch it, explore it and create lasting memories with it.

The 2016 FIGMENT interactive mini golf course is the 9th offering, and the project doesn’t appear to be losing any momentum. Last year the park was home to the “from here to there” project. This collection of artistic holes took on a broad theme of travel. In its loosest sense, it was simply about getting from point A (the tee) to point B (the hole).

The designs and obstacles that allowed for this varied considerably. One took players from the ferry to Governors Island via a drawbridge. Others used bridges and ramps on ponds and footprints. The idea was to spark the imagination with fun, accessible puzzles, but also to talk about bigger themes.

This transportation issue helped kids engage with how they get around the city and the different areas they travel to. It enhanced the sense of escapism of coming to this Governors Island park away from the busy streets and noise of their neighborhoods.

FIGMENT NYC 2016 Offers A Whole New Design With Some Impressive Challenges.

Community Involvement For change designs

The 2016 course has been wowing families for a few months now and is set to continue until the end of August. This year’s theme is “Mini is the New Big”. The concept was simple:

while many other mini golf courses work on miniaturizing the traditional golf course and well-known landmarks, these designers have done the opposite. The theme is once again broad enough that kids can enjoy a full range of holes with lots of interesting shapes and obstacles.

Some unusual cells and amoebas take kids into a microscopic world and present obstacles that many designers would not think of. There are also scale-up objects like the mousetrap and cell phone charger. These holes provide some of the strangest shapes and finishing points that kids will have ever seen.

Then there is the fun, visually striking holes in the shape of banana splits and watermelon slices. There is a clear sense of summertime fun, but also of the weird and wonderful imaginative artists that make these courses so unique.

It Is Easy To See Why The Themes And Designs Of FIGMENT Are So Familiar.

Community Involvement

The FIGMENT NYC golf course in Governors Island is one of those advanced courses that attracts a lot of visitors and attention over each summer season. The designs and the ethos behind them mean that it is easy to see why.

There is nothing quite like this project when it comes to mini golf courses. Because it is unique on so many levels. Families are drawn in by the new and  unusual designs of the year’s theme. But there is clearly so much more to FIGMENT than the holes.

This is a chance to bring art and artistic conversation to a younger audience. At the same time, it is also offering free entertainment and a community project with a big heart. Local families are sure to get excites about what the 10th FIGMENT mini golf course will bring. And how they can top these designs.

FIGMENT NYC Is Changing The Rules With Mini Golf Course Designs

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