Are you searching for the best mini-golf courses to play during spring break? Have you ever sensed the excitement of a well-aimed putt, the electrical energy of a strongly navigated mini-windmill, or the spine-tingle of the ideal off-obstacle ricochet, you will know there is no sport quite like miniature golf. From its humble, American roots, miniature golf (also called “putt putt” or “goofy golf”) is popular globally, with the same sense of competitiveness and excitement as regular golf with the utter joy of unusual surfaces, novelty obstacles, and hidden tricks that send you pinging off-course.

Mini golf or putt putt is very popular in the USA, with beloved courses located all around the nation. Nearly every major city will have a few fun options. They range from using unique themes to simply setting up amazing courses in unique locations to greet you.

We have gathered together some of the most artistic, off-the-wall, and utterly bizarre mini-golf courses with the best experiences the country has to offer, so come on and check them out with your friends and family. From glow-in-the-dark greens into hole-in-one hydraulics, this choice is a far cry from the rusty course you’ll find in the local arcade.  Find out just which places are the best mini-golf courses in your area of the country.

The Best Mini-Golf Courses in the US

1. Ahlgrim Funeral Services Class — Illinois

Best Mini-Golf Course

The idea of mini-golf courses located underneath a funeral home may appear a bit gruesome, but the story behind it’s far less so.

In 1964, Ahlgrim Funeral Services’ director relocated his company to new premises in Palatine, Illinois, and finding he was blessed with a roomy cellar, elected to dedicate it to one of his true hobbies — mini golf. With nine holes themed (a bit ironically) around a haunted house, the course has been providing comfort to Ahlgrim’s customers and delighting members of the public for decades because of its construction.

Number of holes: 9

Open all year round, but — unsurprisingly — shut down during funeral services.

Nearest hub: Chicago

2. Around The World Miniature Golf- New York

Best Mini-Golf Course

The Lake George region of New York State provides us one of The coolest-themed miniature golf courses in America. Around the World Miniature Golf includes eighteen holes, all with another design giving tributes to landmarks from all around the planet.

Paul Bunyan, the Statue of Liberty, and a roulette wheel highlight the items for the US courses. Some of the global landmarks in the design include the London Bridge and Taj Mahal. Around the World provides a mixture of fun mini-golf together with a nod to history.

3. Big Cedar Lodge – Missouri

Best Mini-Golf Course

The Mini Golf in Big Cedar Lodge class provides some of the most relaxing miniature putt experiences in the whole country of America. Ridgedale, MO, is your place here using the course, having two holes with different setups on the way.

The visual setup of Big Cedar Lodge is already beautiful, and the mini-golf adventures give it a pleasant place as a top-tier course in the nation. Added with your visit to Big Cedar Lodge, the mini-golf is enjoyable for the entire family. Place your putting skills to the test and revel in a favorable competition with our nine-hole putt-putt program. One which stands out most features the golfer having to put the ball into the mouth of a large Bass fish. You’ll even wind up taking a shot from within a large-mouth bass.

4. Camelot Golfland – Anaheim, CA

Best Mini-Golf Course

Camelot is the largest mini-golf facility in the United States. And it has five classes! One course comes with a pagoda, a giant castle, and Spanish forts that expel water cannons. Another program is jungle-inspired and provides a safari portion to your mini-golf game. No wonder this is one of the best mini golf courses in the nation.

5. Can Can Wonderland — Minnesota

Best Mini-Golf Course

With holes motivated by all from Hot Tub Time Machine to Oasis’ Wonderwall, this Wonderland is an excited, whimsical explosion of color. Each of its 18 holes is designed by local architects, visual artists, and electrical engineers.

Not only is the course a kaleidoscopic experience for Golfers, but it is also the first arts-based public benefit corporation in Minnesota, devoting a part of its profits to the Minneapolis-St. Paul artist community that ignited it into being. And like these heartwarming credentials were not enough, any path with the last challenge called the Mini Golf Hole, Previously known as the World’s Longest Hole’ is worth taking a swing in…

Number of holes: 18

Open: All year round, Thursday to Sunday.

Nearest hub: Minneapolis

6. Crave Golf Club- Tennessee


Few people would assume Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to have the most relaxed mini-putt course in the US, but Crave Golf Club is unique for all the right reasons. The course comes with a motif of candy treats, all designed from the most colorful of layouts.

Obstacles like candy canes, ice cream, and jellybeans provide the challenge you golf about to put up a fantastic score. There are real sweets as soon as you get the fascination with a milkshake bar, large chocolate bars, and several other treats provided. Crave Golf Club offers you a fun miniature putt experience with a fun theme in a vibrant world.

7. Conservation Course- Florida


The majority of the mini-putt courses on the list have a pleasure theme, but the Conservation Course is largely only an excellent idea. There are not wacky hole layouts to play into any subject. The names of these holes are the fascinating element in play as they’re named after native plants or animals in the Everglades National Park.

Conservation Course is situated at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in the West Palm Beach region of Florida. The golf course is exciting on its own with no theme, but the institution into the conservation focus adds an additional layer to make it valuable seeking out.

8. Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf- Florida


Disney frequently has their hands in each kind of amusement, given the countless brands that they have under their umbrella. The Winter Summerland Miniature Golf provides Disney an in for the mini-putt world in a Walt Disney World park in Florida.

Different winter-themed props make up the look of every hole with things like candy canes, snowmen, an ice storm, and a surfing Santa all in play. This is the best mini-putt course for families with members of all ages. Disney brings out the kid in everyone, which extends to mini-golf also.

9. The Fringe- Georgia


The Fringe is an underrated miniature golf course with several fun ideas put into the experience. Georgia is a hub to this mini putt establishment which allows players to golf throughout eighteen holes, all with a different and one-of-a-kind design.

Some of the standout ones feature nods to the Roswell Mill and Civil War. All the themes play in the Roswell area of Georgia. It’s supposed to give you an enjoyable day of mini-putt together with a look at the history of observing the region.

10. Hawaiian Rumble – Myrtle Beach, SC


“Ranked the #1 mini-golf in the WORLD”, Hawaiian Rumble focuses on a tropical Hawaiian Garden. Comforting Hawaiian music plays in the background as you go through the program. There’s a 40-foot volcano in the center of the property.

11. Hollywood Drive-In – Orlando, FL


Another picture-themed one gets the list of best mini golf courses in the U.S. The Hollywood Drive-In is based on vintage horror movies and science fiction film collections, to name a few. Cutting-edge special effects and interactive components make this mini golf experience great to perform during the day or night—different golf holes such as haunted house construction, a maze, and film signs.

12. Lexington Ice Center Class — Kentucky


Visitors to the Lexington Ice Center, in popular Horse-racing city Lexington, Kentucky, are in for a mini-golf experience of biblical proportions, very literally. The general public recreation complex is base on three 18-hole classes inspired by scenes from the Bible.

Having mini-golf courses each covering the New Testament, the Old Testament, and the Miracles of Jesus, divine players can expect to navigate this religious iconography as the Tree of Knowledge, Jonah, and the Whale, Noah’s Ark, and Jacob’s Ladder. There’s guaranteed to be a special place in heaven reserved for people who manage to finish under par — provided that they maintain their language righteous if a chunk frustratingly goes astray.

Number of holes: 3 classes, each 18 holes

Open: All year round, just Friday to Sunday in the winter months

Nearest hub: Lexington

13. Par-King Ability Golf – Lincolnshire, IL


Par-King features 19 moving obstacles, two 18-hole courses, and seven water holes. The course has clowns, elephants, rocket ships, and a roller coaster to try to slow you down—a Taj Mahal copy with mini-golf holes all around in the Par-King Mini Golf course. Par-King may be more difficult than fun with all these distractions.

14. Pelly’s Mini Golf – California


There are two mini-golf courses provided with eighteen holes each when seeing Pelly’s Mini Golf in Southern California. The first one is beloved under Pelly’s Ocean Adventure title, together with the layouts, including sculptures of sea creatures like dolphins, sharks, and whales.

Pelly’s Surfin’ Safari is the next course, with the holes having designs devoted to surfing. The beautiful setup at Pelly’s Mini Golf makes it one of the most refreshing mini-putt courses in the entire country, especially if you have a love for sea creatures or surfing.

15. Perils of the Lost Jungle – Herndon, VA

mini-golf courses in Henderson, VA

If you want to get through this miniature golf program, you’ll have to have the stomach for the experience. The jungle, which is this course, enables you to go face to face with an enormous Komodo dragon, through quicksand, and beyond a mummy’s tomb. Do not forget the snakes that slither throughout the area.

16. Philly Mini Golf – Philadelphia


Philadelphia sees its history enjoyed with the Philly Mini Golf playing to the neighborhood theme. Each hole has a theme paying tribute to another landmark in town. Some of the exceptional ones include Ben Franklin Bridge, the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall.

The Franklin Square location makes it perfect for spending a whole day there. Even when done with the miniature golfing, there’s a carousel and beloved café for meals. Philly Mini Golf is appealing enough to make everybody in different cities wish we had this type of path to honor its history.

17. Shoot For The Stars Mini-Golf – Missouri


The Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf course in Missouri tries to celebrate Hollywood with the subject in play here. This vibrant course is already visually amazing when seeing, but it will provide some themed components to take it to another level.

A few of the landmarks attached into a few holes include the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The humor involved adds to the fun as few golf courses do have a story in the movement for the theme. You attain the best of both worlds with real golfing fun and the Hollywood fantasy story with Shoot for the Stars.

18. Smuggler’s Cove – Tampa, FL

Have you ever fed a live alligator? Move to Smuggler’s Cove, and you’ll have that opportunity. You may obtain the gator food to feed into the amphibians before you venture out on a journey through pirate land, caves, and many more. Baby alligators can be viewed on a wooden stage.

19. Walker Art Center Skyline – Minnesota


Minneapolis is home to the Walker Art Center Skyline with an extremely impressive mini-putt program. The location provides you stunning views of the downtown area to genuinely soak in fun between placing on the ten unique holes.

These mini-golf courses have a few unique layouts for the holes, including one which sees you ought to get the ball beyond a hot dog prop. This is a fun place in the Minnesota area for anyone expecting to spend an enjoyable day with friends or loved ones.

Check Out The Best Mini-Golf Courses During Spring Break!

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