The Mini-Golf Trend Across America Is New And More Fun


Mini-golf piloted in 1922 when Thomas McCullough Fairbairn, regarded as the creator of the contemporary miniature golf, designed artificial green carpets as well as artificial curves, bunkers, and water hazards.  This new idea resulted in a miniature golf boom in the 1920s.

In 1926, a couple of innovative professionals designed mini golf courses on the rooftop of a New York City skyscraper, and the new mini-golf trend took off on other structures shortly after – approximately 150 rooftops classes have been in operation by the completion of the decade in New York City alone, and tens of thousands all over the US.

During the Great Depression, many of the popular mini-golf courses ended up closing.  Now, the mini-golf trend is starting to return to its origins and reappear on rooftops.…

The Latest Trends In The World Of Mini Golf

Mini Golf Industry

Latest Trends In Mini Golf Industry

Mini golf is an industry where businesses cannot afford to grow stale. There are so many new trends and cool new hangouts appearing that established courses need some new tricks to complete. Golf courses across America have been looking into simple adaptations to their greens and layouts to diversify the gameplay.

Adapting The Standard Green To Bring In New Players.


Mini Golf Industry New Designs

A standard 18 hole game is ideal for keen players that appreciate a full afternoon’s play and the challenge of the course. However, this approach of play is not for everyone, and there are some interesting adaptations taking place.

The most obvious option for many golf club is to provide shorter courses. Younger, novice players and corporate groups may not have the time, patience or skill …

12 New York City Mini Golf Courses For Kids

Mini Golf Industry

Mini Golf Industry In New York City

Mini golf is still enjoyed by some kids across New York City, but many parents wrongly assume that they need to go out of town to find it. There are lots of exciting mini golf courses across the city that are ideal for family days out. Mini Golf Industry decided to find an angle that made their mini golf course a must-visit attraction. The following courses provide a range of themes and entertainment opportunities for families.

Turtle Cove Golf Center:

 Mini Golf Industry

This center in The Bronx is precisely what many families would expect from a miniaturized golf course. The year-round course is essentially a tiny golf club in a picturesque part of Pelham Bay Park. There are 18 holes for fierce competition around the manicured gardens …

Are 3d Printed Putters Set To Change The Mini Golf Industry

3d Printed Potter

The Mini Golf Industry Is changed By The 3d Printed Potter

Every golfer wants that perfect club with the ideal feel, weight and balance. The club can influence the shot and win or lose the game.

It is now believed that 3D printing can help golf equipment manufacturers to change the way that golf clubs and putters are made.

This is turn could revolutionize the Mini Golf industry. This has all come about with the creation of the Ping putter – a 3D printed model that is wowing golfers and changing perceptions.

Why Would 3D Printed Golf Clubs Be Better Than Current Options?

3d Printed Mini Golf Industry

3D printed clubs are all about fine tuning a design and customizing a club to suit the user. This should mean that a club is more accurate, leading to …

The Future Of The Mini Golf Industry In America

Mini Golf Industry

The Mini Golf Industry

Mini Golf was once an incredibly popular pastime in the US. It was one of the top outdoor summer activities for families and had a good run from the 1950s to 1990s. The activity has seen a decline in popularity over the past decade or so. Kids didn’t have the same interest in this old-fashioned activity.

Families didn’t have the income to spend on these sorts of treats. As a result, many independent mini golf providers went out of business. Childhood landmarks were mourned by locals that were simply no longer using them. Despite this drop in participation, there is hope for the future of the mini golf industry. Economic changes and creative ideas are building towards a potential resurgence in the activity.

 Mini Golf Industry

The Future Of The Mini Golf