How To Build A Profitable Miniature Golf Park Business

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Labor Day and Memorial Day are among the most popular weekends of the year for the nation’s mini-golf courses. But in an increasingly tough business climate for old-school mini-golf courses, many may shut their doors. Leaving many local community members distraught at the notion of losing the beloved dinosaur or other legendary iconic on the classes.

Miniature golf as we know it did not start to take shape till the 1950s. In 1954 Don Clayton and his Putt-Putt Golf Corporation. He started a mini-golf course in Fayetteville, North Carolina that highlighted two different innovations: An aluminum barrier encased every hole, and the carpet players putted on was expensive, explicitly designed to endure the conditions.

It seems easy now, but Clayton had only built the only course in town which players can play …

Why Night Golf Could Enhance Your Mini Golf Course

Design Night MIni Golf Course

 Mini Golf Course Design At Night

Mini golf establishments need to come up with interesting new tactics and designs to draw customers in and stand out. Some put the money into fresh designs and modern tech while other go for the weirder gimmicks. Night golf is certainly the latter, but it is catching on.

What Is Night Golf And How Do People Play?

Night Mini Golf Design

Night golf is just that – mini golf played at night. The idea has been used on full sized courses with great success. The principle follows that of the indoor courses with their UV lights and glow-in-the-dark features. The challenge of the game is that players cannot see the full course ahead of them.

There is very small light available to see boundaries and obstacles or to judge the distance …

A Guide To Building A Mini Golf Course

Park Mini Golf Course Design

Various Steps For The Mini Golf Course Design

A mini golf course can be a great asset to an amusement park. These courses provide a fun play area for healthy family competition and a great outdoor activity. The right course, with the good design, can prove to be profitable. Families may visit at the start of their holiday and have such fun that they come back for an hour later in the week.

It is all about having fun, easy-to-follow layout with a right balance between challenge and reward. There are three steps to creating the perfect, family-friendly mini golf experience: designing, building, and reviewing.

 Designing The Mini Golf Course

Mini Golf Design

The first thing that you need to do is put together a plan of the course. This will help you get an …

8 Awesome Mini Golf Courses For Families In The Bronx

Mini Golf Course Design

Mini Golf Courses Design For Families

Families in the Bronx are always looking for the best places to spend an afternoon and get away for a little while. Mini Golf Course Design is a great option, and there are lots of diverse facilities in the Bronx and the surrounding area.

Here are the eight best Mini Golf Courses I know of, in the Bronx.

#1 – Pier 25:

Pier 25 Mini Golf Course Design

The top spot in this list of the best mini golf courses goes to Pier 25 in Hudson River Park. This is one of the most picturesque mini golf courses in the region and players don’t have to pay much for the privilege. There are also other activities like the beach volleyball, turf area, and skate park, so it is great for a …

7 Important Considerations For Mini Golf Course Design

Mini Golf Course

Mini Golf Course Design Important Ideas

A mini golf course can be a great asset to any amusement park or leisure park. These attractions are a welcome alternative to fast rides and offer a chance for families to bond. With the right approach, these courses can bring in more revenue and repeat business.

Guests stay longer, become more immersed in the theme of the park and enjoy some friendly competition. This may then encourage them to go on to buy more food or souvenirs. The best way to ensure that guests want to play a full round of golf and come back for a rematch is simple. All you need to do is create the best possible mini golf course design for your park.

 Things To Consider When Building A Mini Golf Course.