Getting the Family and Community Involved with Mini-Golf Events

mini golf course with putter and ball

Many people know miniature golf as a younger cousin of golf. The game made its entry into the United States in the early 1920s. By 1930, the United States had over 25,000 mini-golf courses around the nation. In fact, at the time, enthusiasts of the game built courses almost everywhere; from rooftops to vacant parking lots.

For many people, mini-golf is also more interesting and engaging than regular golf. Participants play this mini-version of regular golf on small greens/courses. Each course consists of a series of holes. To successfully putt a golf ball into one of the holes players must hit it through an obstacle. These obstacles are meant to make putting more challenging and more fun.

Yet, unlike regular golf, which many people consider an elite sport, mini-golf is a social sport. …