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Mini golf is still enjoyed by some kids across New York City, but many parents wrongly assume that they need to go out of town to find it. There are lots of exciting mini golf courses across the city that are ideal for family days out. Mini Golf Industry decided to find an angle that made their mini golf course a must-visit attraction. The following courses provide a range of themes and entertainment opportunities for families.

Turtle Cove Golf Center:

 Mini Golf Industry

This center in The Bronx is precisely what many families would expect from a miniaturized golf course. The year-round course is essentially a tiny golf club in a picturesque part of Pelham Bay Park. There are 18 holes for fierce competition around the manicured gardens and water features.

Pier 25:

 Mini Golf Industry

Pier 25 is a Manhattan Youth Project in Hudson River Park that also provides an attractive getaway for city-born kids. Some would say that this kid-friendly course is a little easy, but it’s a great place for a quick break. The 18 holes are well-designed with impressive tricks and obstacles throughout.

Shipwrecked Miniature Golf:

 Mini Golf Industry

If Turtle Cove and Pier 25 are traditional, Shipwrecked in Red Hook is certainly not. This year-round facility is an indoor course following the story of Captain Red Hook. This is a great theme for keeping kids engaged with the game, and if they finish early, there is a retro arcade at the end.

Brooklyn Crab:

 Mini Golf Industry

Staying in Red Hook, this restaurant has added a child-friendly eight-hole course to the property as a way of entertaining children before their meals arrive. It is short and sweet enough to keep them quiet, but should not distract them from the table for too long.

Rocket Park Mini Golf:

Minigolf is a game with lots of fans from lots of backgrounds. The mathematical element does lend itself to geekier, scientifically-minded kids. This is where this Flushing park comes in. Rocket Park has a space theme where children can learn about astrophysics as they play. There are even two NASA rockets on-site.

Figment Mini Golf:

This course on Governors Island takes a very different approach. The course is free and is more chaotic than sporty. This is mostly because the course changes each year with new artistic installations. It is essentially half gallery/half golf course, and there is plenty for kids to explore.

Jewish Children’s Museum:

Another oddity is the small six-hole course at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights. This adjoining activity on the fifth floor may be short, but it is still entertaining and educational. The benefit of it being in the museum is that this another year-round option.

Flushing Meadows Golf Center:

Success with a mini golf course is all about playing to the audience and entertaining a key demographic. This is also seen at Flushing Meadows. This year-round 18-hole course opens later in the summer to accommodate teenagers and is cheap enough for unsupervised groups of pre-teens.

Great NYC centers that offer a fun mini golf course on the side.

Some family, friendly businesses in New York, saw that it could often be much more profitable to include a small facility as part of a much broader complex. Additionally, there are some golf clubs and golfing centers that saw the benefit of adding a mini golf experience to the package.

Staten Island Go Karts Mini Golf:

This is one of those simplistic names where there is no difficulty in guessing what is on offer. The pride of this center is the traditional 18 hole mini golf course and go-kart track, but there is also roller hockey and a batting cage. This is a popular summertime destination and families can cut costs with online discounts.

Randall’s Island Golf Center:

 Mini Golf Industry

This summer season establishment is set up as the ideal place for the whole family to escape. There are the beautiful mini golf course and batting cages, but parents can relax in the beer garden and cafe. At the end of the day, it is just a short shuttle ride back to the Upper East Side.

Alley Pond Golf Center:

This golfing facility in Douglaston, Queens, is the great example of an NYC service that has diversified to meets the needs of the whole family. Parents may be regular visitors to the driving range and pro shop, but the mini golf provides a place to unwind.

Brooklyn Golf Center:

 Mini Golf Industry

Finally, this Brooklyn option takes a similar approach by looking at landscaping and realism over weird themes and strange course designs. This is a “real” golf center that happens to have a child-friendly putting course alongside the main course and driving range.

12 New York City Mini Golf Courses For Kids
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