Mini Golf Course Design At Night

Mini golf establishments need to come up with interesting new tactics and designs to draw customers in and stand out. Some put the money into fresh designs and modern tech while other go for the weirder gimmicks. Night golf is certainly the latter, but it is catching on.

What Is Night Golf And How Do People Play?

Night Mini Golf Design

Night golf is just that – mini golf played at night. The idea has been used on full sized courses with great success. The principle follows that of the indoor courses with their UV lights and glow-in-the-dark features. The challenge of the game is that players cannot see the full course ahead of them.

There is very small light available to see boundaries and obstacles or to judge the distance to the hole. Even players that are familiar with the course might find themselves struggling. There is very small equipment needed to play mini golf at night. Each section needs to have an adequate amount of LED markers, a glow-in-the-dark ring for the hole and a light-up ball.

Some companies use LED balls for the bright colors, but others prefer the weight and feel of balls that simply react to UV. The former would require additional black lighting around the course, which could be costly.

What Sort Of People Play Mini Golf At Night?

Mini Golf Course Design at night

Night golf is an alternative pastime for a different crowd. By day, a mini golf course is a great place for families to come and have a sporting adventure. By night, it can be set for older crowds to let their hair down and try a different competitive activity. Keen players might book the course for a party, perhaps a graduation or a birthday. Some may add it to a weird itinerary on a bachelor/bachelorette party. Then there are the charity events. Golfers could be sponsor to go around the course in the dark for a good cause.

Is This A Positive Way Forward For Mini Golf Establishments?

Some family-focused establishments may wonder if it is such a good idea to provide this sort of out-of-hours entertainment. It is understandable if the business is worries about their reputation. However, these events can be kept under control. Small groups  manage by a team leader if necessary.

If you are concern about players causing trouble or getting injure in the dark, you could always install thermal cameras for night time visibility and security. Thermal cameras provide clear images of the course and player actions, for added peace of mind.

The bonus here is revenue. There aren’t too many costs involves in setting up this night-time golfing experience. The equipment is easy to set up once it is acquire and takes down as the need. The experience will allow keen players and organizations to gain access to a course when it suits them, bringing more business to your company.

If they like the course and customer experience, they may even come back. When the sun is out, they will be able to see the sand trap they fell into and all the aesthetic details they couldn’t view in the dark.

Why Night Golf Could Enhance Your Mini Golf Course

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