What’s The Best Vacuum Cleaner For a Mini Golf Facility?

Customer reviews of mini golf courses can bring up some interesting positives and negatives about the business.

Most focus on the enjoyment factor of the course and the fun themes and designs. However, a lot of parents are also keen to highlight the safety and cleanliness of a facility.

This brings up an important question that many mini golf facility owners always have top-of-mind:

How do we keep our courses clean and inviting, without breaking the bank? Can we make cleaning more cost-efficient using new technology like the latest robotic vacuum cleaners such as the iRobot Roomba 650 (see review here)?

The Importance Of A Clean, Inviting Mini Golf Course.

It is important for golf courses to bring in the best golf gear for keeping the area of play clean and clear. Players don’t want to fall a shot behind because the ball got caught on some gravel that had been kicked onto the carpet. Most managers advocate sweeping the carpets and removing trash every day to stop a build up and this is just the start.

The same goes for wedding the lawns and flowerbeds, dealing with dirt and cleaning the statues and fixtures. Some areas will need more work than others and different types of golf gear, it all depends on the landscaping of the course and the location.

Some companies give it a good wash and hose down once a month to keep it looking at its best. The best results often rely on choosing the best cleaning equipment. For most, this means a vacuum.

What Sort Of Vacuum Do You Need?

Mini Golf Gear reviews

The strength and style of the vacuum cleaner will depend on the course. Is this an indoor area with easy access to power outlets or will you need something with a high battery life? How much floor space do you need to cover?

Larger courses need a reliable, long-lasting cleaner with a large dirt capacity. Maneuverability is also important on courses with weird shapes and obstacles to move around. A Hoover without a brush bar can go right up to a straight barrier, but curves could be tricky.

Some big businesses and fun centers will bring in commercial, heavy-duty machines to make short work of their mini golf course carpets, but this might be a big excessive for independent companies looking to save money.

A small-scale nine-hole indoor course in an entertainment center should get by with a decent vacuum for carpets. A large outdoor 18 hole center may need the strength of a commercial model to get through all the holes before doors open.

The Hoover CH30000 Portapower is an excellent choice for mini golf courses because it offers a versatile performance. It is powerful enough to clean large space with ease with its 33’ cable and high motor.

In addition to this, it can also be used as a blower for fallen leaves. There is some attachment for getting into tricky nooks and crannies, and it is brilliantly portable at 8.3lbs.

 What About Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Mini Golf Courses?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a popular choice for many homeowners because they can program for a specific route and left to their own devices. In theory, this should be a great golf gear solution for mini golf courses. A robot vacuum would take the strain of the carpet cleaning while staff can focus on other important duties.

The issue here comes with emptying out the dirt and debris. These small robots don’t have a lot of space in their dirt canisters and need to be emptied out quite often. This method should be time efficient and rewarding.

The trouble is that the machines need to be reliable about to left alone without human interference. How would a robot negotiate all the slopes, curves, holes and hazards of your mini golf course? The best models are clever enough to learn as they go.

An excellent example of an accessible, intelligent robotic model is the iRobot Roomba 650. This machine is designed to work on some surfaces for small particles and focus cleaning. It can navigate itself with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning and can be programmed for scheduled cleaning. Unless there is an error, employees should be able to leave it alone to carry out its daily route.

 There Is A Lot Of Equipment To Consider When Purchasing All The Golf Gear For Your Course.

A vacuum cleaner probably isn’t top of the priorities list for all businesses, but it is clearly a necessity. The right model, with enough power, maneuverability and capacity, can make a big difference. Cleaning needs to be carried out daily to keep the customers happy, so it pays to get the best model for the job.

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