Mini Golf Courses Design For Families

Families in the Bronx are always looking for the best places to spend an afternoon and get away for a little while. Mini Golf Course Design is a great option, and there are lots of diverse facilities in the Bronx and the surrounding area.

Here are the eight best Mini Golf Courses I know of, in the Bronx.

#1 – Pier 25:

Pier 25 Mini Golf Course Design

The top spot in this list of the best mini golf courses goes to Pier 25 in Hudson River Park. This is one of the most picturesque mini golf courses in the region and players don’t have to pay much for the privilege. There are also other activities like the beach volleyball, turf area, and skate park, so it is great for a full afternoon.

#2 – New Roc City:

New Roc City Mini Golf Course Design

New Roc City in New Rochelle almost comes top of the list because of the odd theme. This indoor facility offers mini golf, bowling and laser tag. The blacklight set up makes it a fun alternative to the other courses in the Bronx. One reviewer likened it to walking into a David Lynch movie because of the weird glowing mushrooms on the walls.

#3 – Saxon Woods Mini Golf:

Saxon Woods Mini Golf Course Design

Families may have to travel out of the Bronx a little to get to Saxon Woods, but the scenery makes it worthwhile. It is not the most challenging option, but it provides nice shady spots on a sunny day, a picnic area and plays area.

#4 – Randalls Island:

Randalls Island is again a driving range with mini golf, batting cages, and food. Some say the mini golf course is more of an afterthought, but still a pretty good facility. It offers a putting green style, with no strange features or crazy elements, and the 36 holes should keep kids entertained.

# 5 -Turtle Cove Golf Center:

Turtle Cove Mini Golf Course Design

Some say that Turtle Cover in Pelham Bay Park is the “best in the Bronx”, but there are others that are perhaps more interesting. This is the good quality course in great condition and it offers challenging mini golf. Players also appreciate the driving range and batting cages in the facility and say that it is a great place to order a pizza.

#6 – Flushing Meadows Golf Center:

 Mini Golf Course Design

Flushing Meadows is a golf course with a short game more than mini golf. It offers pitch and putt with three par holes and water features, but no obstacles. It is nice for those that want something shorter than golf or mini golfers that want a more realistic experience.

#7 – Closter Golf Center:

 Closter Golf Center Mini Golf Course Design

Closter Golf Center is a more of a driving range with mini golf on the side. There are 18 holes with minimal difficulty, so this is just something for the kids to try while you are on the range. Some feel it needs a little updating with some new obstacles, as it has been there for a few years. Others feel it is challenging enough.

#8 – Bushwick Country Club:

Bushwick Country Club Mini Golf Course Design

This course is a great choice for anyone wanting a night out near Williamsburg. This is mini golf with a difference. Despite the name, this is not a country club. In fact, this is the precise opposite. This dive bar does offer golf, but it is a short form of indoor mini golf. It is all intended to be fun and quirky and is clearly one for the adults.

8 Awesome Mini Golf Courses For Families In The Bronx

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